Howdy stranger. As you probably guessed by now, my name is Sarah K. I have loved horses literally since I was born. I got my first horse about three years ago, and my life is better because of them! :D I also write books, train dogs, and I do some singing. I have three horses, named Paso, Blue, and Heidi. Paso is an approximately thirty-five-year-old Paso Fino, Blue is a sixteen-year-old QH mare, and Heidi is a two-year-old APHA filly. I ride Western and bareback. The mare I ride, Blue, is a cow pony, and we work cattle together on a regular basis. Heidi has good cutting lines, and I'm hoping to compete in that sport when she's a little older.

35 Years

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Paso is a 35-year-old Paso Fino gelding. A couple years ago, he taught me how to ride, entirely on his own. He is now pretty much retired, giving short pony rides to young kids once in a blue moon.
Blue is my awesome QH cow pony. When I first got her... well let's just say we didn't get along very well. I didn't understand or communicate with her very well, and we'd both get pretty frustrated. Now, though, we have come to an understanding. I don't make her, a good cow horse, do silly stuff like jumping or very low-level dressage, and in return, she digs deep and finds as much enthusiasm as she can muster, and goes along with trail rides. Cow work is a different matter though. She actually enjoys that, and we work together pretty well! :D
Man, this got long!

Heidi! SLR Barlinks on Haidas, registered APHA filly. I got her in the spring of 2017, and that's something I will never regret! She is very sweet, and we have a pretty special bond, but she still tests the boundaries every now and then, as two-year-olds should, I suppose. I'm gonna be training her under saddle myself when she gets a tad bit older, and then will either train her in cutting myself or hire a more experienced trainer to do that. I don't have any cutting experience to speak of yet, so the latter option is pretty likely.